Ginger Juice – The Next Hot Ingredient

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Ginger Juice is rapidly making its way into the beverage aisle, more and more formulators are favoring  a pure ginger juice over flavors or extracts. A 100% pure ginger juice is cold pressed from fresh organic root, it has a fresh flavor profile with a high level of pungency. Especially the ginger root sourced from South America is renown for its bright yellow color and pungency.

A huge trend emerged around the Moscow Mule. Famous cocktail with Vodka, Ginger Beer, Lime Juice and a twist of mint served in a copper mug. Since then you can tour the world from a Mexican Mule with a base of tequila, an Irish mule with Jameson, use Bourbon for a version from down south and finally the “must try” Golden Caribbean Mule with a smooth Rum.


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